2 June 2023

WIRmachenDRUCK Youngster Cup

Timo Heiniger takes first place in the WIRmachenDRUCK Youngster Cup

The four-legged stars of tomorrow opened today's show day. In the WIRmachenDruck Youngster Cup, 62 seven- and eight-year-old horses competed in the first qualifier for the Büchel Youngster Final on Sunday (starting at 09:30). In the two qualification tests, a course over 135 cm for the seven-year-olds and over 140 cm for the eight-year-old horses will be run. In the final, the obstacle height will then be increased by five cm. This format with two qualification competitions and the final offers the possibility to slowly introduce the young horses to championship competitions.

The talented young horses mastered their task brilliantly and about half of the participants finished the two-phase course without penalty points in both phases. With the fastest time of 27.80 seconds in the second phase, Swiss rider Timo Heiniger triumphed with his seven-year-old mare Venga WG. Second place went to the French rider Megane Moissonnier with the also seven-year-old mare Safira S Gold followed by Pius Schwizer on the eight-year-old Pinky Pie de Libersart.

🥇 Timo Heiniger with Vega WG
🥈 Megane Moissonnier with Safari S Gold
🥉 Pius Schwizer with Pinky Pie De Libersart