1 June 2023

Schildknecht Einstreu Swiss Talents winner

Lola Brunet wins Schildknecht Einstreu Swiss Talents

Fourteen young Swiss talents were given the opportunity to show their skills at the Longines CSIO St. Gallen in the Schildknecht Einstreu Swiss Talents, a class over 130 cm with two rounds. Lola Brunet with Casting de Rueire, as well as Ethan Meijer with his two horses Nairobi v. Bisschop and Balkis were the only ones to start the second round without penalty points. There was nothing to change about this ranking. Even though all three pairs had four points in the second round, there was no getting past them. Thus Lola Brunet secured the victory and Ethan Meijer could celebrate two podium places with the second and third place. Fifteen-year-old Leon Hänzi from St. Gallen just missed the podium in fourth place, taking 4 points from the first round and showing a strong clear round in the second one.

🥇 Lola Brunet and Casting de Rueire
🥈 Ethan Meijer and Nairobi v. Bisschop
🥉 Ethan Meijer and Balkis