1 June 2023

Prize Thommen Recycling

Prize Thommen Recycling is won by Nicolas Delmotte

As many as 45 out of 53 pairs in the Prize Thommen Recycling over 145 cm finished the first phase without a fallen pole. 41 of them also managed to stay within the allowed time of 47 seconds and could compete for the victory in the second phase. In the end, Nicolas Delmotte succeeded on Citadin du Chatelier. As in the previous competition, Switzerland was able to secure second place, this time with Pius Schwizer and Casallino. Ireland's Denis Lynch took third place with Dark Chocolate 48, while five other Swiss representatives were also classified with Romain Duguet (5th), Martin Fuchs (7th), Peter Bleiker (9th), Evelyne Bussmann (10th) and Joana Schildknecht (14th).

🥇 Nicolas Delmotte and Citadin du Chatellier
🥈 Pius Schwizer and Casallino
🥉 Denis Lynch and Dark Chocolate