2 June 2023

Prize CSIO Club

Barbara Schnieper wins the Prize CSIO Club against a strong field of competitors

85 pairs competed in the Prize CSIO Club over 145 cm. The entire field was left behind by Barbara Schnieper from Solothurn on the fourteen-year-old gelding Escoffier. They showed the fastest of a total of 27 zero fault rides. The second place went to German Pia Reich with PB Loewenherz followed by the Austrian Max Kühner with Eic Julius Caesar. With Martin Fuchs on Bastille (9th), Joana Schildknecht on Catarina J (12th), Anina Züger-Hächler on Batman Aiguilly (13th) and Yannick Jorand on Pollux de Muze Z (14th), four other Swiss riders also managed to beat the international competition with a classification.

🥇 Barbara Schnieper and Escoffier
🥈 Pia Reich and PB Loewenherz
🥉 Max Kühner and Eic Julius Caesar