2 June 2023

Longines FEI Nations Cup of Switzerland - 1st round

Switzerland lurks on rank 2

In the first round of the Longines FEI Nations Cup of Switzerland, Brazil was able to impressively take the lead. With Francisco Jose Mesquita Musa, Rodrigo Pessoa and Yuri Mansur all of the first three riders remained without penalty points and Pedro Veniss as the final rider did not even have to compete and can go into the second round with full batteries. He will also need them, because Switzerland is lurking in second place with only four penalty points and will certainly do everything in their home appearance to challenge Brazil for the victory. Bryan Balsiger with Dubai du Bois Pinchet and Steve Guerdat with Venard de Cerisy showed clear rounds while Edouard Schmitz with Gamin van't Naastveldhof and Martin Fuchs with Leone Jei each had to accept a drop. With also 4 penalty points but 15 hundredths of a second slower than Switzerland Great Britain is on the third intermediate rank.

So it will be exciting in any case when the second round of the Longines FEI Nations' Cup of Switzerland continues. Watch live at the Gründenmoos or comfortably from your sofa on SRF 2.

Intermediate ranking Longines FEI Nations Cup of Switzerland after round 1:

  1. Brazil                 0 / 220.73
  2. Switzerland       4 / 225.03
  3. Great Britain     4 / 225.18
  4. Denmark           8 / 222.95
  5. Netherlands      8 / 223.47
  6. Germany           8 / 223.73
  7. Austria              12 / 222.71
  8. France              16 / 219.18