10 May 2021

25th Nations Cup in St.Gallen

25. Nationenpreis in St.Gallen 1978 the first Nations Cup in St.Gallen took place in the former Espenmoos football stadium.

In 2021 the 25th Nations Cup of switzerland will take place in St.Gallen. It all started in 1978 because the ground work on the Allmend in Lucerne was not yet finished. And even the Gründenmoos was not yet available again after the motorway was built through the Breitfeld. Zabi Widmer, the then OC President of the International Equestrian Days St.Gallen, convinced FC St.Gallen to make the Espenmoos football stadium available. So the Nations Cup of Switzerland could take place after all. For the first time in St.Gallen. Because Geneva relied on the World Cup from 1983, St.Gallen had the chance to alternate the Nations Cup with Lucerne. So the second event took place in 1985. This time already in the Gründenmoos. In 1987 the European Championships were held in St.Gallen. Lucerne took the place of St.Gallen for the Nations Cup, which is why the third event in St.Gallen was not held until 1989. Until 2006 Lucerne and St.Gallen were the venues. Since then only St.Gallen. 2021 for the 25th time.