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Lots of things to see at this year's CSIO

Pipi Langstrumpf Focus on Pipi Langstrumpf (ESC key to close)

Wednesday starts with the Notenstein Kids'Afternoon with a program by Pippi Longstocking. The event gathers about 500 children which all are welcome to enjoy a musical, a treasure hunt and other surprises. Pippi Longstocking, pony rides and bouncy castle are available to kids from Thursday to Sunday. You will be surprised by the French Horseman Team's show jumping over 1.80 meters without horses! United Maniacs features Scottish music with drums and bagpipes, and of course the traditional equestrian music of St. Gallen. The Sunday service is served by circus pastor Ernst Heller. Last but not least, the program includes Swiss folk music, a Swiss sport horse show, a presentation of paraequestrian riding and the artist, Pirmin Breu, performing live.