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Briand Chevalier wins the Prize Liebherr

Briand Chevalier, Uneven Sunheup Focus on Briand Chevalier, Uneven Sunheup  (ESC key to close)
Briand Chevalier, Uneven Sunheup

The French Bernard Briand Chevalier aboard Uneven Sunheup wins the Prize Liebherr International AG. The German Marcus Ehning and Calanda finished 2nd followed by the Swiss Fabio Crotta and Delacroix.

Preis Liebherr, Briand Chevalier Focus on Preis Liebherr, Briand Chevalier  (ESC key to close)
Preis Liebherr, Briand Chevalier

Fabio Crotta, Delacroix Focus on Fabio Crotta, Delacroix (ESC key to close)
Fabio Crotta, Delacroix